Aquaponics Design Certification

Completion Certificate

With thankful hearts, we Praise God for blessing us with the opportunity to attend Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics Design Course and to receive the commercial systems design certification. The 8 week online course included 5 to 8 hours of weekly video instruction, quizzes, and class discussions. The course required the submission of a complete system design. We presented the detailed design of the Mexico City Aquaponics House where John and Tracey Pieters are Christian Missionaries. Their vision is to create a complete Aquaponic System to bring people together, sharing labor, life stories, pure food, and the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. Murray Hallam commented on our design, “Altogether, an extremely well-prepared Aquaponics Project plan.”. We’re looking forward to working with John and Tracey to bring this plan to reality!